Imagine if we could create a long-term sustainable society
where people with various needs and desires could find
attractive housing to thrive in.
We believe this is possible.


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World class self-heating buildings

Energy and environment

Modern, attractive and sustainable housing

More than a roof over your head

Strong and stable ownership

Grön Bostad

Defining ByggVesta

Beehives, nesting boxes for birds, ants and even bats all contribute to a natural and lively environment. Both around the building and for the future.

Both buildings and humans need fresh air. A Self-Heating Building® recycles 90 % of the heat in the ventilation air. Efficient ventilation combined with the use of the best materials in our buildings makes for a good indoor climate and good economy.

As a tenant in a Self-Heating Building® you track your own consumption and pay only for the heating, electricity and the hot water you actually use.

Green plants on rooftops, yards or facades encourage biodiversity and improve the well-being in the Self-Heating Building®. As a bonus they reduce the risk of flooding.

In the Self-Heating Building® it’s easy to be on top of garbage separation and recycling, both in the apartment and the garbage rooms. Less landfills and smaller carbon footprints!

A Self-Heating Building® is like a well-ventilated thermos. Well insulated and energy-efficient, since the heat in the ventilation air is recycled with minimal loss of heat.

It’s an easy choice to go by bike instead of by car from a Self-Heating Building®. Modern, well-equipped bike rooms ensures the wellbeing of your bike.

Our Self-Heating Buildings® have since 2010 lived up to a standard energy consumption of maximum 55 kwh/m2. Using geothermal heat pumps we now get down to below 30 kwh/m2, a third of the Swedish national maximum set for 2013.

Sound insulation class B means that neither your neighbors nor traffic disturb you more than necessary. Both walls and windows reduce unwanted noise.